Smart collar

by on 12.08.2018

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Press the Enter key for all search results. The Elizabethan Smart Dog Collar by The Company of Animals is a humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a wound or injury. The collar is made from a robust yet flexible, lightweight and translucent plastic which helps to reduce stress and aid visibility. The patented neoprene padding on both the inner and outer edges makes the collar comfartable to wear and ensures that the collar won’t bruise or cause damage if your pet bumps into anything. The Collar allows for free movement of your pets head and neck so that they can walk, eat, drink and sleep in comfort aiding a quick recovery.

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Cat lovers of the world, rejoice! You finally have the chance to understand what your pet is saying thanks to a smart collar that can interpret feline meows and translate it into human speech. Catterbox’, the collar supposedly has a digital sensor that detects meows, and uses a special program to decipher the meaning behind them. DDB, for Temptations cat treats, the invention comes preloaded with a dictionary of cat purrs, meows, and several other sounds to make the interpretation as accurate as possible. The promo video for the device claims that Catterbox, the world’s first talking cat collar, is designed to finally help humans understand the meaning of meows.