Interactive stuffed cat

by on 29.05.2018

What’s Up With Cat Humping, Anyway? Have you ever noticed your cat humping? I’ve gotten emails to my cat advice blog from people who are startled interactive stuffed cat disturbed when they find their cats humping. Whether they’re humping another cat, humping blankets or humping your favorite bathrobe, cat humping is a behavior that seems to freak people out.

But rest assured that this behavior is normal, and both male and female cats do it. Cat humping is nothing to be shocked about — it’s actually a normal cat behavior! Humping is a natural thing, and it occurs for many reasons, the most important of which is hormones. Intact male cats will hump female cats as part of the sex act.

They may also hump other male cats in the home, which is viewed by most experts as dominance behavior. Even neutered cats can hump, though, and this is particularly true if the cat was neutered later in life. If a cat suddenly starts humping, he may feel stressed by changes in his home environment, whether that’s a new home, a new animal companion, new people or cats and other animals roaming around outside his home. Cats may also hump because they need more attention or play time. Why don’t cats hump as much as dogs do?