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by on 30.07.2018

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Yes, a project for our cats- when they specifically mentioned Cottonball, I was immediately hooked. So here’s the skinny- with all the political unpleasantness going on, why not fill the internet with patriotic cats? They didn’t have to ask me twice- I was game! Before getting started, I tucked in the flaps so I had one side that was completely open. In about two minutes’ time, I had a cat cave! Like most cats, he likes to make decisions himself- so I knew I couldn’t force him to like it.

Once I had the cat cave, though, I decided to try my hand at making some cat toys from t-shirts. So, I hit up a favorite thrift store and got red, white, and blue shirts to stay with the patriotic theme. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience. To create the first toy, I snipped off the bottom hem and then cut the shirt across just under the sleeves. I proceeded to pull through my hands to give it that curled-edge look that cut jersey gets. Then it was time to make a pom-pom!

I wrapped my jersey yarn around a piece of cardboard, snipping off a bit at the end to tie around the middle. And yes, Cottonball noticed it RIGHT away. To make a second t-shirt cat toy, I used the blue shirt and cut out two matching fabric squares. And just like that, I had a t-shirt cat cave and two different cat toys! Cats love free toys the best, anyway, don’t they? Want to be notified when I publish my next upcycling project tutorial?

Cottonball is a fabulous model, he is so cute. I will need to try the catcave thing but I will probably have to bribe my cats with fresh catnip. Now the toys they will like with no problem. These are good ideas for kitty. I seriously thought I’d have to bribe Cottonball, but he went right in! We have lots of kitties and lots of boxes and shirts. This is such a great idea!

Cottonball is such a pretty boy! I had t-shirt yarn ready to go and so I just made a pom-pom for our two cats. Barney played a bit with it already. What did you do with the sleeves, etc.