Exercise pen

by on 09.05.2018

Grammar reference and practice exercises for learners of English as a second language. Comparative” Geography Quiz for Pre-Intermediate level. A quiz exercise pen practices comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. More activities on the Eclectic English Home Page.

3 out of the 4 parts the whole is divided into. Step 1: The bottom numbers are different. See how the slices are different sizes? We need to make them the same before we can continue, because we can’t add them like that. The bottom numbers are now the same, so we can go to step 2. The bottom numbers must be the same!

They both work, use which one you prefer! Sentences will appear in this box. Using the option box below, choose “Correct” if the sentences are correct. If the sentences are not correct, choose the type of error the sentences illustrate.

Answers and Explanations will appear here. To start the quiz, click “Try Next Sentence. Please forward this error screen to 64. Which Sport Should You Do With Your Dog?

Below you’ll find additional information on the AKC’s dog and litter registration. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Although a dog playpen, or exercise pen, may not be the first thing on your must-have list, this piece of equipment is surprisingly useful. Like a dog crate, they serve as a way to contain your dog. But unlike a crate, they give him plenty of space to move around and play. We all know puppies must be closely monitored in the house to keep them out of trouble.