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Please forward this dog dog screen to sharedip-10718044145. The stress of tax time is finally over. Your return has been filed, and maybe—hopefully!

If so, why not take some of that refund and buy something for that special little someone who gives you so much unconditional love and joy all year long? Here are some pretty great names for pretty Great Danes! People have come up with all kinds of creative ways to make dogs a feature of their nuptials, and sometimes the pups even outshine the brides and grooms on their big days. Residents of Pinckneyville, Illinois are looking out for two dognappers driving around in a white van pretending to be animal control officers and targeting purebred dogs. If you’re one of those lucky people getting a refund check from Uncle Sam and you don’t know how to spend it, fear not! Your dog knows exactly what you should buy.

Dogs love hanging out with their humans, but sometimes they also appreciate a space that they can have all to themselves to chill, feel safe, and maybe catch up on some napping. So you’ve decided that a regular Yorkie is not adorable and cute enough for you. There is no denying Teacup Yorkies’ extreme adorableness, and their happy-go-lucky, spirited personality can be very appealing. But just because a Teacup Yorkie is tiny doesn’t mean the responsibilities for owning one are small, too. A dog named Teddy started barking wildly to alert her family when her boy, Riley, got trapped in the tumble dryer, which started automatically. A shelter dog named Leopard was on a walk with a volunteer when she stopped by a sewer grate with a kitten trapped inside. Deputies and volunteers freed the cat.

When you are camping, driving across the country, or a natural, manmade disaster hits you need are going to want to be ready. There are many dog breeds that make great first time pups for first time pup owners! I’m a fan of the mutt or rescue dog personally and senior dogs make amazing first time dogs because they are often already potty trained and know how to walk on a leash. Here’s a list of breeds that make great first time pets!

Tick season varies based on where you live. Stay vigilant, especially during your region’s tick season, to make sure your dog is safe and tick-free. Pool noodles are great for kids enjoying a summer swim, but they’re also incredibly useful for DIY projects that can make life easier or more fun for you and your dog. Remember, you can find almost any dog – even tiny teacup dogs – at your local rescue or shelter.

Look on Facebook for a Teacup Dog Rescue in your area. Illegal and abusive dog fighting still runs rampant, but you can help by knowing the signs of a dog fighting ring. Learn what to look for if you suspect there is illegal dog fighting in your community. If you are looking for inspiration for a Schnauzer name, look no further!

30 great Schnauzer names, right here! Dogs are part of the family, and we don’t want to exclude them on Easter, but it’s important to be cautious when there are a lot of people and distractions. Rottweilers, like Pitbulls, have an unfair reputation that precedes them. These loving and loyal goofballs can make great pets. Thinking about bringing a Rottweiler puppy into your home? Here are a few things to know. Law enforcement agencies are aware that people who are insensitive to the suffering of animals are more likely to also be unresponsive to the needs of dependent people in their households.

Several states have cross-reporting laws and informal agreements between social welfare agencies that encourage caseworkers to report signs of animal neglect. Our extensive pure- and mixed-breed profiles include the history and evaluation of various dog characteristics — such as behaviors, shedding, adaptability — and what they mean for a potential owner. For those looking to take the plunge and adopt a four-legged friend, take the matchup quiz and questionnaire to find the pooch who best fits one’s lifestyle and interests. One can even check nearby local shelters using the Adoptable Animal Finder. And don’t forget the extensive lists of dog names by breed, theme, gender, popular culture, and other categories. For more relaxed fare, the Dog Video and Dog Picture Centers are stocked with videos and imagery on everything from funny and cute dogs to how-to product reviews and training.

Make sure and check the homepage for breaking news articles and features covering the latest happenings in the dog world, product and food recalls, important legislation, and other information that impacts dog owners. 30,000 to rescues and shelters through various grants and contests, including the Petties Awards, where the best in animal blogging is selected by the peer community. Which Sport Should You Do With Your Dog? Below you’ll find additional information on the AKC’s dog and litter registration. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Cucumbers are a great snack or garnish for humans, but can dogs eat cucumbers? And if dogs can eat cucumbers, are cucumbers good for dogs?

How should you serve cucumbers to your dogs? Let’s learn about dogs and cucumbers here. Canines of New York’ offers a pictorial look at pups from all five New York City boroughs. Interested in fun dog events going on near you? Whether you can bring your pup or simply celebrate him, we’ve found a few great April 2018 dog events!

Marine Craig Grossi came across a stray mutt while on tour in Afghanistan. Here’s the unlikely story of how the two formed a friendship and how Craig brought his furry friend to America. Kauffman shares some truly unusual products for dogs that she came across at Global Pet Expo 2018. The answers depend on the type of mushroom — and what’s on them. Here’s everything you need to know about dogs and mushrooms, including Amanita or Death Angel mushrooms. Find out how a few organizations are fighting cruelty to animals — and how you can get involved, too.