Crazy cat toys

by on 07.07.2018

If you crazy cat toys browsing this site, you agree to our Cookie Usage Policy. Pet supplies at their very best for you! Cat wagglers are very popular toys.

All you need to do is waggle it around and your cat will try to pounce on it. They go absolutely crackers for this! It’s a great way to indulge your cat’s natural hunting instincts while playing together. 55cm long, your hand is far enough away to avoid getting scratched. Please note: No toy is completely indestructible.

As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet. So much so I have came home to fine the toy jail broken from its cupboard and feathers everywhere. Its a shame they don’t last very long.

For the price I would absolutely recommend as a must have toy, especially for kittens. The feather bunch has not been glued in correctly and after a very short time the entire bunch comes out hole. I’ve had to glue them all back. If you buy one cut the ribbon out but leave feathers. I’ve got one that stalks me to get the toy to play. She tells me when she wants to play with it.

If you leave them out, the cats will pull the feathers and destroy them. I play and put it away which makes them last. At 66p per toy, to see the feverish fun they have, if I get a short time per toy, it’s a true bargain. I buy new ones with my food order. Unfortunately it’s quite flimsy and with a chunky Ragdoll and Maine Coon hanging from the feathers, both the feathers and the stick start to fall apart. But the price is amazing for how much they love it. Also makes individual playtime a lot easier, nobody needs to feel left out!

After he has completely destroyed them I get a new one out and his eyes near pop out of his head from excitement. They all love it regardless of their age. A must for every cat any age. My 14 week old silver tabby completely destroyed this in less than five minutes. They do not last long though and not built equal. They aren’t even glued in, just pushed into the end.

I know it’s cheap, but this toy isn’t worth a penny. I won’t be getting another one. The foil fell off when opening the packaging! I recommend wearing gloves during play as I obtained a few injuries. When the wagglers had no feathers left and we had to bin them I couldn’t find replacements that matched them, until now.